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Black may not be the first color you think of when going into Spring, but we've paired these three very different black styles with some season transitional looks to show how this most basic of colors is ideal for the current "in-between" season. To see the shortlist of our favorite black styles, click here

Look 1: Spring separates in heavier fabric

Even though the weather may be getting warmer in parts of the country, especially the west coast, but it's still February and breaking out the white linen seems a bit premature. This simple look shows how you can wear short sleeves and a short skirt, but with heavier fabrics like this suede wrap miniskirt, it still feels appropriate for the time of year. We paired this look with the glossy black Dora flat because the pointed toe and strap position create an elongating effect that is very flattering with a skirt. (skirt from Vince, shirt from ASTR, necklace from MadeWell, sunglasses from RayBan, bag from Italian factory).

Shop the Dora here

Look 2: Go casual

If you can't wait to wear your delicate spring dress shoes, but it's not yet sundress weather, try pairing them with jeans for a dressed up/dressed down look. The ultra-feminine Gemma in black lace is the perfect contrast to a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. (jeans from Rag & Bone, tshirt from ASTR, jacket from Joie, sunglasses from MadeWell, bag from Anthropologie).

Shop the Gemma here.

Look 3: Dress with boots

If you're not ready to put away your favorite pair of black combat boots, then try them with a spring shirt dress. We loved the way the masculine energy of the Skyler boot was offset when paired with a more feminine top, while still echoing the combat nature of the boots. (dress by Equipment, bag from Italian Factory, sunglasses from RayBan).

Shop the Skyler here.


You don't have to be a punk rocker, a goth, or, well, a biker to wear biker boots anymore. They've become a wardrobe staple and one of the easiest to wear boot styles. They go with just about everything, are extremely comfortable, and simply pull on without laces or zippers. The fuller volume and medium height creates a very flattering silhouette and the style conveys an effortless, confident look with a bit of edge. 

Look 1: Jeans

A few years ago when bootcut jeans were still in vogue, biker boots were overlooked. But when skinny jeans came into style, they became mainstream. This look layers a faux fur vest over a leather jacket to combine hard and soft elements plus grey skinny jeans that elongate the leg. (shirt from Everlane, jacket from Joie, vest from direct from Italian factory, bag direct from Italian factory, and sunglasses from Ralph Lauren.)

Look 2: Dress

Biker boots may be a key element to a tough girl look, but they work equally as well contrasted with feminine pieces like a dress.Don't be afraid to play with proportion and pair a mid-calf boot with a dress of any hemline - this season, above knee and midi hemlines look especially modern paired with a mid-calf boot. This look plays off contrasts with a very classic, flirty dress and tough elements like the boots and angular statement jewelry.  (dress from & Other Stories, necklace from MadeWell, aviator sunglasses from RayBan).

Look 3: Leggings

Leggings could not be more comfortable but they often look too casual or unflattering. Biker boots dress them up just enough and balance proportions. (leggings from Vince, sweater vest from Loft, bag from Italian Factory, sunglasses from RayBan).

Shop the Callie here. 


High heels are no longer just for going out anymore. Women are wearing them with everything from jeans to jogging sweats. With the vast number of pant styles trending right now, it can be hard to know where the hem lines are supposed to fall. We've paired our Signature Collection heels with a few of the most popular pant styles trending right now to help clear up the confusion. 

  1. Palazzo Pants – These wide leg pants are making a big comeback and depending on the style can be worn above the ankle as shown or long so that the fabric comes only an inch above the ground. 
  2. Flares – 70's style flares are everywhere right now and getting the length right is critical with this style of pant. They're too long if it looks like you have no feet or if you pants are dragging on the ground. If you can see more than just a bit of the foot over the vamp, they're too short. A bit of toe in the front and an inch above the ground in the back is a good indicator. 
  3. Cropped – Ankle length pants are almost more common than full length right now, which is perfect for showing off gorgeous heels. The pant should come to a couple inches above the ankle. Right at the ankle is too long. 
  4. Jogging/Track Pants – We take our hats off to whoever made fashionable sweatpants the new trend. Just like with cropped pants, be sure they come just a bit above the ankle. If they aren't gathered at the bottom and are full-length it's alright if they pool slightly at the bottom. 
  5. Skinny jeans – Skinnies are tricky. Too long, and they'll bunch and knock into the bridge of your foot. They will look most polished and chic worn at the ankle or above. If you don't have time or money to get your tight jeans hemmed to the right length, just cuff to the proper length (as shown). 

The rule of thumb for pant length is, short or long, it should look intentional. So have fun, wear your stilettos with your joggers and be confident you're right on trend!

Now that Fall collections are starting to come out (including ours), it seems unthinkable to have to wait until leaves start falling to wear your new Fall styles. Since we're all about breaking fashion rules, we're also all for wearing your new Fall shoes right out of the box even if you're still enjoying summer bbqs and beach weekends. 

Look 1: the Agnes 

An oxford may conjure images of college campuses in October, but pair them with shorts and you've got an unexpected style perfect for the transition season. We paired the Agnes with striped shorts, a chambray shirt to echo the menswear element and a leather motorcycle jacket to pick up the zipper detailing of the shoes. (shirt and necklace from MadeWell, jacket from Joie, shorts from Gap/Old Navy, and sunglasses from RayBan).

Shop the Agnes here

Look 2: the Alexa

A dark Fall sandal is easily worn in summer when combined with bright colors and whites. We also lightened up the black by pairing with a light brown bag and picked up the gold of the heel in the gold jewelry and accents.  (skirt from Potter's Pot, top from Iro, earrings from Anthropologie, purse from Italian factory).

 Shop the Alexa here

Look 3: the Georgia

A tailored, sleeveless dress can make closed toe and Fall pump the perfect summer work shoe. Pair with a structured bag and metallic jewelry to complete the look. (dress from Banana Republic, bag from Italian factory, necklace from J. Crew, bracelet from J. Crew, cuff from Ambiance SF).

Shop the Georgia here. 


In celebration of the launch of our new Signature Collection, the first line of comfortable 4-inch stiletto heels, we've dressed the first two styles in the collection two completely opposite ways to show the versatility of this dramatic silhouette. 

Look 1: the Angel

You might not first think that heels of this height can work for a casual out and about look, but when the shoes are this comfortable, you can wear them anywhere and with almost anything. To create this unfussy look, we chose a pair of jeans the perfect length for heels–right about the ankle–and a patterned top to offset the solid color of the leather with a colorful bag (not too matchy-matchy).   (jeans from MadeWell, top from Second Female, bag from Proenza Schouler, sunglasses from Persol).

Shop the Angel here

Look 2: the Camille

The patent leather, Mary Jane Camille can dress up fun, elegant, or somewhere in between like we've styled here. The shiny black of the patent makes an interesting contrast with texture of the lace and would look equally stunning paired with a flowing pattern fabric or a color-blocked, mod-style, structured dress. Because the Camille is engineered to be worn for hours, it's perfect for evening-long events such as weddings or galas. (dress from Stone Cold Fox, bag from Chan Luu)

Shop the Camille here. 

'Tis the season for impromptu weekend trips. There's nothing like seeing an airline deal on a Thursday morning and jetting off by Friday afternoon. But who wants to deal with a lot of heavy luggage for a quick getaway? The trick is to keep the bulkiest item in your bag–shoes–down to one pair. We've styled the Viva, an incredibly versatile sandal, three different ways to show you how you can get away with bringing less while looking more stylish than ever. 

Look 1: touring the city

When bopping about a new foreign city, you can easily walk ten or more miles, many of which possibly cobblestone or gravel. Your shoes, and your whole outfit, need to be able to go the distance. This ensemble pairs the cushioned Viva with an easy-to-move-in short dress, a backpack for convenience, a wide-brimmed hat for sun protection, and fun accessories for style. (dress from A.P.C., bag from Opening Ceremony, bangles from Svelte Metals & Giles, hat from MadeWell).

Look 2: evening out

When traveling, going out often involves a number of places in a single night–dinner, bar, club, bar again. This versatile look is edgy yet effortless and is suited for just about any evening adventure. The leather material of the shorts makes them suitable for going out, and statement jewelry takes it up another notch. The Viva paired with this look is a bit unexpected and completely modern. (top from Zara, shorts from Rag & Bone, necklace from Donna Karen, bag from Clare Vivier Los Angeles, sunglasses from Ray Ban

Look 3: exploring in nature

Whether you're hiking along the Cinque Terre or exploring the Arches in Moab, getting out in nature in a new place is probably the most rewarding travel experience. Making sure your shoes are supportive will not only be more comfortable, but will be much safer on rough terrain. We paired the Viva with a flirty peasant top, wide leg jeans, and a boho bag to capture the wandering, bohemian spirit of travel. (top from Isabel Marant Etoile, jeans from The Rainbow Jean Company, bag from Baggu, sunglasses from Persol)

Shop the Viva here



Just because summer is here, it doesn't mean you need to put those boots away until the fall. We're all for breaking fashion rules, and pairing boots with summer frocks extends your warm weather wardrobe into unexpected and fun territory. And with most of our Fall boots on sale, it's another reason to try this new trend.

Shop all boots here.

Look 1: the Cynthia 

A short flirty boot looks great with shorts, even cut-offs. Walk that line of casual cool with cut-offs, a silk tank and accessories like a scarf and hat to finish the look.  (shorts from TopShop, tank from Joie, hat from Goorin Bros, scarf from MadeWell).

Shop the Cynthia here.

Look 2: the Fiona

A high wedge boot makes a great statement when paired with a miniskirt and cropped jacket. In this look, we've picked up the gold details in the boot with the metal detailing in the clothes and jewelry.  (jacket from Miss Sixty, t-shirt from Everlane, skirt from Pim + Larkin, necklace is vintage)

 Shop the Fiona here.

Look 3: the Adrian

Go for a modern ensemble by pairing motorcycle boots with a romper. With this look, we the metallic sheen of the boots and gold pop from the necklace break up the black and white. (romper, sweater, necklace all from Madewell, hat from Biltmore)

Shop the Adrian here.




    In honor of the Gigi appearing in this the 15th anniversary issue of‪ OMagazine‬, we've styled her three ways.

    Look 1: Gigi in navy – "Derby Style"

    This look is inspired by Audrey Hepburn in My Fair Lady at the races. The light femininity of this look is grounded by the more modern and architectural lines of the Gigi. (Dress from Anthropologie).

    Look 2: Gigi in orchid – "Neutral Casual with a Pop of Color"

    The best way to bring some life to your casual neutral ensembles is to add a bright pop of color. Pair with gold accessories to add polish. (coat/shirt from BCBG)

    Look 3: Gigi in bisque – "City Wedding"

    A wedding in the city calls for something a little more luxe. Pair a fitted dress (this one has pockets!) with a statement piece like this fur-trimmed bolero to really make an impact. Minimal jewelry and a neutral shoe like this Gigi make for an understated yet sophisticated look.  (dress from Marc Jacobs, bolero from Cassin)

    Shop the Gigi here.

    Caring for your feet can be a costly feat given the popularity of foot massages, pedicures, and products for exfoliating and odor control. To keep down the cost, Anyi has offered three tips for how to care for your feet at home for less. Try these tips in succession or individually, depending on your needs. When all three are used together we like to call it, “Anyi’s Soak, Stretch and Soothe” program.

    1. Soak and Odor Control – Fill a bathtub or bucket with warm water and add a few Lipton (or any inexpensive brand) tea bags. Allow the tea to brew in the warm water for a few minutes and then simply submerge feet into the solution. Not only does the warm water feel great on tired feet, but also the tea will remove any odor that has formed overtime. (*note–some teas can temporarily discolor the skin. If this is an issue for you, use a lighter tea)
    2. Stretch and Massage – Take a tennis ball and lay it on the ground. Make sure there is something to grip and keep balance with nearby. Try grabbing the counter, heavy chair or piece of furniture. Once in a stabilized and standing position, place foot over the tennis ball. The ball should fit perfectly in the arch. Slowly roll the ball front to back and even side to side placing more or less weight on the ball depending on what’s comfortable. This process is an easy, everyday way to stretch your feet and get a quick foot massage at a great price.
    3. Soothe and Moisturize – Before bed or while winding down with a favorite book or television show lather feet with a creamy and moisturizing lotion. Peppermint oil also works well. Once feet are sufficiently covered in lotion (use as little or much as desired) take a fitted sock and place over foot. This step in the process will secure the lotion and allow it to soak and moisturize the feet, making them softer than imaginable.

    It's a good idea to choose footwear made from natural materials (the Sara pictured is leather and cork). These materials tend to breathe better than their synthetic counterparts, reducing foot sweat which can be the cause of odor and blisters.

    After a long day in the boardroom or a tough workout our tootsies need some revitalizing. Anyi’s sequence absolutely does the trick.

    With the cooler temperatures approaching, women feel forced to pack away their summer favorites and move on to a wardrobe more suitable for fall. But, the end of summer doesn’t have to mean giving up on your favorite warm weather styles just yet. Transition your closet slowly with these easy tips and suggestions from ANYI LU’s Fall/Winter 2014 Collection. With the right choice in footwear and a few warm accessories, you can extend the use of your summer outfits with ease.

      1. Dress-ing UpAn excellent way to keep your favorite sundresses in your wardrobe rotation is to add a great pair of boots to the look. Not only will this style add an edgy element to a girly classic, but it will keep you warm while you maximize the use out of  your summer staples.
      2. Beach Style Gone Fall–For the girl who isn’t ready to give up her distressed summer boyfriend jeans, you’re in luck. Trade in your summer sandals for an ankle boot to keep these jeans in rotation throughout fall. Add an edgy jacket or trendy hat to complete thelook.

    Repurposing summer styles with great shoes is the simplest and most sensible way to transition into fall. 

    Look 1: 

    Dress/Merona – Denim Shirt Dress

    Watch/Michael Kors – Slim Runway’ Bracelet Watch

    Hat/Goorin Bros. – Red Ricci in Charcoal

    Sunglasses/Ray-Ban – Aviators 

    Shoes/ANYI LU – The Adrian in Graphite Shimmer Suede


    Look 2: 

    Jeans/Treasure&Bond – Boyfriend Jeans

    Cami/J.Crew – Silk Cami in Black 

    Top/J.Crew – Keeper Chambray Shirt


    Sunglasses/Ray-Ban – Clubmaster

    Shoes/ANYI LU – The Cynthia in Black Tumbled Lux



    It’s easy to get stuck in the yoga pants/sneakers routine when pregnant, but there’s nothing like putting on a cute outfit and some makeup to make you feel like yourself again. You may be wondering if it’s safe to wear heels, and the answer depends on many factors–how early you are in your pregnancy, how you feel, how you’re carrying, etc. The following are some suggestions to consider when choosing footwear for this special time in your life, but remember, you know your own body and safety should always comes first.

    1. Thicker heel + secured ankle–Early on in your pregnancy, you can get away with some height especially if you have a thicker heel and a secured ankle like the Athena in Look 1. Arch support and a cushioned insole are especially important in this case. Keep in mind, your belly will change your center of gravity, so don’t go high once you’re larger to avoid extra pressure on your joints or the risk of a fall.
    2. Low wedge–When you start showing and are past the point of wearing heels, a low wedge is a great option for feeling safe and stylish. And choosing a wedge with stretchy straps like the Linda in Look 2 can help with “oedema” or swelling during pregnancy.
    3. Elastic straps–Women in pregnancy need to be especially careful that they feel secure and have a bit of stretch to their shoes because the hormone relaxin loosens your ligaments all over your body in order to make your pelvis more flexible. Some women even go up a half to a full shoe size when pregnant. The Bella featured in Look 3 demonstrates this with large elastic straps allowing for give, though this shoe would be unsuitable past early pregnancy since it has some height.

    Our three looks are meant to show how you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style during pregnancy. The tightness of the grey, striped dress in our first look helps show off an early bump. Fitted tops can be more flattering than relaxed ones in those early months. Loose tops also look nice if paired with tighter pants like in the next two looks and can help you get away with wearing non-maternity pants just a little longer! Buying a whole new maternity wardrobe just for the last couple trimesters doesn’t make much sense, but selecting a few key pieces like the maternity jacket in Look 1 or the maternity blazer in Look 3 can bridge the gap until the baby comes. 



    Look 1: 

    Dress/Asos – Mamalicious Grey Stripe Dress

    Jacket/TopShop – 'Wilbert' Maternity Jacket

    Sunglasses/Ray Ban – Orange Cream Aviator Large Metal

    Necklace/J.Crew – beaded necklace

    Bag/Baggu – Basic Tote

    Shoes/ANYI LU – Athena in Pewter/Black


    Look 2: 

    Blouse/TopShop – Maternity Diamond Print Shirt

    Pants/Cimmaroon Jeans – Cassis Marlboro


    Shoes/ANYI LU – Linda in Metallic Avana


    Look 3: 

    Blouse/TopShop– Maternity Pintuck Shell Top

    Pants/Vince – Black Seam Legging

    Blazer/TopShop – Maternity Shrunken Blazer

    Bracelet + Earrings/David Yurman – Cable Classics

    Shoes/ANYI LU – Bella in Pewter Stretch


    *Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your OB or midwife. 

    All the shoes made at ANYI LU are considered investment pieces meant to last for years and one of the best ways to maximize the lifespan of your shoes is proper storage. See below for Anyi’s expert tips on storing your favorite pairs:

    • Keep them clean and dry – Before storing, it’s best to wipe your shoes down and make sure there’s no dirt or moisture left. If your shoes are damp and are put away then put back in a box­­–this can cause odor, bacteria, mold and mildew to form. If possible, store your shoes in an area of the house where the humidity is low and stable (i.e. not the basement). Fluctuating humidity causes shoe materials to distort from swelling and contracting.
    • Keep their shape – Shoes will compress and lose their shape over time. Providing support in the form of a cedar shoe tree can help maintain its proper shape while the cedar draws out excess moisture and odors. Archival tissue paper is a good cheap alternative, especially for sling backs which can’t use a tree. Boot trees or tissue can keep the shape of your boots.
    • Keep them covered – For longer term storage, it’s best to keep your shoes covered to keep out dust and even light which can degrade materials. Cotton or felt shoe bags are ideal because they let shoes breathe. Plastic bags will dry them out. For easy storage, place the shoes in bags or tissue in boxes made from archival materials. If using plastic boxes, make sure the plastic is acid-free and that they have vents for air flow to prevent mold.
    • Keep them separated – For short term storage, it’s fine to keep your shoes out in the open. Just be sure to keep them upright and separated so they don’t bleed into one another. This is especially true for patent leather. Keeping them on cedar shelves with some kind of shoe tree or tissue is preferable. 

    For more shoe care tips, check out the materials care section of our FAQ.