It’s easy to get stuck in the yoga pants/sneakers routine when pregnant, but there’s nothing like putting on a cute outfit and some makeup to make you feel like yourself again. You may be wondering if it’s safe to wear heels, and the answer depends on many factors–how early you are in your pregnancy, how you feel, how you’re carrying, etc. The following are some suggestions to consider when choosing footwear for this special time in your life, but remember, you know your own body and safety should always comes first.

  1. Thicker heel + secured ankle–Early on in your pregnancy, you can get away with some height especially if you have a thicker heel and a secured ankle like the Athena in Look 1. Arch support and a cushioned insole are especially important in this case. Keep in mind, your belly will change your center of gravity, so don’t go high once you’re larger to avoid extra pressure on your joints or the risk of a fall.
  2. Low wedge–When you start showing and are past the point of wearing heels, a low wedge is a great option for feeling safe and stylish. And choosing a wedge with stretchy straps like the Linda in Look 2 can help with “oedema” or swelling during pregnancy.
  3. Elastic straps–Women in pregnancy need to be especially careful that they feel secure and have a bit of stretch to their shoes because the hormone relaxin loosens your ligaments all over your body in order to make your pelvis more flexible. Some women even go up a half to a full shoe size when pregnant. The Bella featured in Look 3 demonstrates this with large elastic straps allowing for give, though this shoe would be unsuitable past early pregnancy since it has some height.

Our three looks are meant to show how you don’t have to sacrifice comfort for style during pregnancy. The tightness of the grey, striped dress in our first look helps show off an early bump. Fitted tops can be more flattering than relaxed ones in those early months. Loose tops also look nice if paired with tighter pants like in the next two looks and can help you get away with wearing non-maternity pants just a little longer! Buying a whole new maternity wardrobe just for the last couple trimesters doesn’t make much sense, but selecting a few key pieces like the maternity jacket in Look 1 or the maternity blazer in Look 3 can bridge the gap until the baby comes. 



Look 1: 

Dress/Asos – Mamalicious Grey Stripe Dress

Jacket/TopShop – 'Wilbert' Maternity Jacket

Sunglasses/Ray Ban – Orange Cream Aviator Large Metal

Necklace/J.Crew – beaded necklace

Bag/Baggu – Basic Tote

Shoes/ANYI LU – Athena in Pewter/Black


Look 2: 

Blouse/TopShop – Maternity Diamond Print Shirt

Pants/Cimmaroon Jeans – Cassis Marlboro


Shoes/ANYI LU – Linda in Metallic Avana


Look 3: 

Blouse/TopShop– Maternity Pintuck Shell Top

Pants/Vince – Black Seam Legging

Blazer/TopShop – Maternity Shrunken Blazer

Bracelet + Earrings/David Yurman – Cable Classics

Shoes/ANYI LU – Bella in Pewter Stretch


*Nothing in this blog post is to be construed as medical advice, nor is it intended to replace the recommendations of a medical professional. For specific questions, please see your OB or midwife. 

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