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Thank you and Goodbye

They say parting is such sweet sorrow and I have never before understood those words until now. It is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to all of my fans and customers for now. I have to take some time to focus on me and my health and because of this I have decided to take a break from designing. 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for being one of the most devoted and loyal customers. We appreciate the loyalty you have shown towards ANYI LU over the last decade. The management and staff wish to also thank you for your support over the many years ANYI LU has been in business. 

~ Anyi Lu

The Kentucky Derby is known for its horses, sure. But the fashion, especially the hats, are just as entertaining as the races, or more so in our opinion. Putting together your Derby outfit can be a little intimidating (dress or hat, which comes first?). But it can also be a lot of fun. We've styled four very different Derby looks to inspire you featuring different sandals from our Spring Collection. If you've ever been to the Derby, then you know how much time you spend standing or walking around. No matter what you wear on your head, be sure you have something that you can stand in for five to eight hours on your feet. 

1–Classic & Feminine

The Kentucky Derby is the longest running sporting event in the United States, dating back to 1875, so you can't go wrong with very classic, southern style. Don't worry about having to perfectly match your hat and outfit. Here the black and white small print, and the black, tan, and tan colorblocking of the Bianka support the showpiece which is the hat. The dress is light and feminine and so is the hat, so they work together even if they're different color schemes. Imagine a black and white hat in its place or a red dress...not as interesting. 

The hat is the Asymmetrical Sinamay Hat with Flower from Nordstrom (great deal, btw). The dress is the Ivanka Trump Print Asymmetrical Popover Dress. The purse is vintage. The ring is from MadeWell

Shop the Bianka here


2–Whimsical & Youthful

Big, poofy hats not your style? There are plenty of great, more modern choices that still fit right in at the Derby. We fell in love with this hat from designer Eugenia Kim with its classic boater hat shape and typography elements. This hat had a very light, youthful feel so we paired it with an on-trend off-the-shoulder-dress and the platinum shimmer Linda sandals

The hat is the Eugenia Kim 'Brigitte' – 'A Rose is a Rose is a Rose' Hemp & Cotton Boater Hat. The dress is the Greylin 'Chantal' Off the shoulder Woven Swing Dress. The ring is from MadeWell

Shop the Linda here


3–Colorful & Bold

It may be tempting to find a single color dress and shoes to go with your statement hat, but it's possible to balance your outfit with various patterns and colors. With this look, we've combined a bold color and two bold patterns by pulling the pink color for the hat from the flowers on the dress and keeping the patterns very different but complementary–floral and stripes. The flower on the hat also ties things together as does the navy and ivory of the Maria sandal

The hat is the August Hat 'To the Races' Floral Downbrim. The dress is the Betsey Johnson Print Stretch Midi Dress. The bracelets are from MadeWell. The purse is vintage.

Shop the Maria here


4–Casual & Confident

If you're in the infield as opposed to the stands, you can still dress the part–just go for a more casual version. This ensemble centers around a lightweight, bohemian Alice + Olivia dress (remember, it can be hot in Kentucky that time of year) with a wide-brimmed straw hat and the ultra-comfortable sand suede Siena sandal

The dress is the Alice + Olivia 'Cari' Paisley Print dress. The bracelets are from MadeWell. The hat (similar) is from Nordstrom. 

Shop the Siena here. 

Many of us have that one “go-to” dress we wear to every wedding (ourselves included), so we thought it was time to shake things up a bit. We’ve found some easy to wear dresses we love that work for different ceremony styles and paired them with the Gigi, one of our most iconic styles. We picked the Gigi because of its versatility, it can go traditional or very modern based on what its paired with, and its wearability, it’s comfortable enough to let you dance all night.

1–Traditional Church Wedding

Even though a church wedding can be conservative, doesn’t mean you can’t have fun with your look. This dress has covered shoulders and arms with a closed toe shoe which is requested for some religious ceremonies, but it is still playful with bold embroidery and bright pops of color. The Champagne Linen Gigi offsets the sheen of the dress beautifully while grounding the brilliant blue and gold with a neutral tone.

The dress is the Paige Metallic Embroidered Chiffon Shift Dress from Dress the Population. The purse is from Anthropologie. The bracelets are from MadeWell

Shop the Gigi here.



2–Beach Destination Wedding

A beach wedding calls for something a bit more relaxed and bohemian. This oversize print maxi dress is whimsical and lightweight so would move beautifully in an ocean breeze. The bright coral of the dress and shoes also would pop against the blue tones of the water and sky.

The dress is the Scarf Print Crepe de Chine Fit & Flare Maxi Dress from Eliza J. The earrings are from Ethical Clothing

Shop the Gigi here.



3–City Hall Wedding

 A city hall wedding calls for something a bit more casual but also appropriate to the occasion. This dress had a classic silhouette that works for a city office building, while the botanical pattern makes it feel festive. The dark blue patent Gigi picks up the flashes of cobalt in the dress.

 The dress is the Abstract Floral Print Tulle Mesh Dress from Fuzzi

Shop the Gigi here.



4–Country Club Wedding

Country Club weddings are usually semi-formal, so we chose a full length dress but in something light and romantic that’s softer than a black tie look. The Champagne Linen Gigi picks up the tone of the belt offsets the pleated chiffon with some shimmer. 

The dress is the Belted Print Chiffon Maxi Dress from Eliza J.

Shop the Gigi here.


5–Backyard Fete

 Obviously if a wedding is in a backyard, it’s going to be casual, but more like “anniversary dinner casual” than “popcorn and a movie” casual. This dress is just the right amount of chic without overdoing it. The bisque wave patent Gigi is leg lengthening and keeps the attention on the multi-colored frock. The teal clutch adds a fun pop of color.

The dress is the Tawnya Print Jersey Dress from BCBG Max Azria. The purse is from Baggu. The bracelets are from MadeWell

Shop the Gigi here.



6-Garden Wedding

Garden weddings have a very classic vibe, so a sweet floral fit and flare dress like this one is spot on. The black wave patent Gigi is reminiscent of 60’s era style, so is a perfect compliment to this silhouette.

The dress is the Floral Print Faille Fit & Flare Dress from Eliza J

Shop the Gigi here.

When thinking of the modern bride, you might picture dresses with clean lines and avant garde accessories. But even the most fashion forward of women can be romantic at heart, especially when it comes to their wedding day. Today we've styled four hopelessly romantic yet very current bridal looks featuring our lace and crochet collection for you to swoon over. 

1-The Tessa: Intricate Embellishment in Gold

A wedding dress should be something special and this gown with its gold tiered beadwork over dusty rose tulle is extraordinary. It certainly has a vintage vibe and reminded us of something that might have been worn on the Titanic, but the departure from the traditional stark white and the straighter skirt make it very unique and modern. We paired it with the Champagne Lace Tessa which also draws from the same time period and matches the soft color palette. 

The dress is the Adona dress from Needle and Thread, the hair adornments are the Petite Flora Hairpins by Twigs & Honey

Shop the Tessa here


2-The Gemma: Floating Chiffon in Floral Lavendar

On your wedding day, you'll want to be confident, comfortable and be able to dance all night. This ultralight chiffon dress and the Gemma heel we paired it with are not only as flirty and feminine as can be, yet they move with you so you can feel free and unencumbered. The heart-shaped bodice and floating fabric make this one romance novel worthy, but the departure from white and the pattern in particular make this one for today's bride. As for the shoes, the lace harkens back to older times, but the triangular mirrored heel is all 2016. 

The dress is the Nyla dress in lavendar multi from BHDLN, the hair adornments are the Petite Flora Hairpins by Twigs & Honey

Shop the Gemma here 


3-The Gemma: Head to Toe Crochet

What's old often becomes new again and this holds true for crochet. A common textile of the past, crochet is now being seen on runways here and abroad. This look takes a head to toe approach that has a long sleeved classic shape with little peeks of skin showing through. The crochet Gemma picks up the crochet inlets of the sleeves and skirt and adds a bit of sparkle with the mirrored triangular heel.    

The dress is the McKenna Day Dress from The Jetset Diaries, the hair adornments are the Petite Flora Hairpins by Twigs & Honey

Shop the Gemma here 


4-The Tessa: Colorful Beading and Crinkle Chiffon

The traditional wedding dress has a full skirt and a train which is a must for many brides (when else can you get away with a silhouette like that) but this look takes the tradition into modern territory with hints of vibrant color in the bodice and a translucent high neckline. The Champagne Lace Tessa picks up some of the darker neutrals of the beading and echoes the playful femininity of the dress. 

The dress is the Paulette dress by Needle and Thread, the hair adornments are the Petite Flora Hairpins by Twigs & Honey

Shop the Tessa here


Bridesmaid style has come a long way in the past few years. Gone are the days of shiny satin strapless dresses and shoes dyed to match. Today's brides are getting more creative with their choices, and thankfully more fashion forward. Here's three tips to keeping your bridal party happy. 

1. Pick shoes they can wear in all night

One of us here at ANYI LU was bridesmaid at nine months pregnant, and the bride insisted she wear stiletto heels to match the bridal party. Now, most don't go to those extremes, but if you're a bride be sure to remember a wedding lasts many hours and involves a lot of standing during the ceremony and dancing afterward. You want your ladies to remember having a good time, not remember limping in pain or wearing flip flops during the reception. We chose to feature the Gemma in black lace for this look because its low mirrored triangular heel is stunning while being very stable and comfortable. Plus, black lace is a twist on the white lace used for so many wedding dresses. 

2. Try mismatching dresses

Bridesmaids come in all shapes and sizes, so the best way to keep everyone happy is to have a mismatched set of dresses. This can get complicated, so be sure to only vary a couple features. For example, different necklines and colors (within in a color-palette) but the same fabric or different necklines and fabrics (lace, floral pattern, chiffon) but the same color. And don't let them go it alone! Give them only a couple choices at most to keep the looks cohesive.

3. Pick dresses that aren't "bridesmaid dresses" 

Ever had to buy a sheath of cheap material and a zipper that was hundreds of dollars just because it was a "bridesmaid dress?" Those who have gotten married know if something has the word "wedding" or "bridal" attached, the price goes up 300%. Plus, bridesmaid dresses are often the same tired designs everyone has seen over and over again. If you're looking for something more unique, just look for dresses you like at your local department store or online. 

  1. GUCCI lace-paneled pleated crepe dress
  2. YUNOTME Lisbeth feather headband
  3. SUZANNE KALAN 18-karat white gold diamond cuff
  4. ANYI LU Gemma in black lace

It's been almost a year since the Gigi was featured in O Magazine's 15th anniversary addition, and the shoe seems to have only gained momentum since then. It has become one of our all-time top sellers and is requested by celebrity stylists more than any other shoe we've ever offered. It also now comes in thirteen color ways and we continue to introduce more. Given its visibility, the Gigi has become an icon for us. 

The original article was titled Real Style Means Breaking a Few Rules and outlined a series of old "fashion truths" that are "outdated, outmoded, and just plan out of style." The first "old school" rule to be broken? "Comfort shoes are ugly." It's the myth we've been breaking since we started over ten years ago. 

 To shop the Gigi, click here

To read the online version of the article, click here

It's easy to get addicted to stripes–they add dimension to solid pieces, a bit of preppy chic to dress up casual ensembles, and can pull together just about any look. We love stripes and we love them even more contrasted by the lush and organic backdrop of Hawaii. The following are some inspiration images from Maui for both your wardrobe and possibly your next vacation destination! 

1-The Dora: New Nautical and Basic Black and White

It's fun to take a classic look and put your own spin on it. This look was inspired by the bell bottoms and stripes of the navy, but made more feminine with wide leg palazzo pants and a boat neck top. The blue denim elastic band of the Dora tied in perfectly to the indigo denim of the jeans and the coral patent gave the pop of color this look needed.

Black and white on its own can make you look like you're waiting tables, but add some navy stripes and a colorful shoe and basic b+w becomes effortlessly chic. Some shy away from bold colors for footwear because they're afraid they're not versatile, but this look shows how a bright shoe can give life to your most simple pieces. 

First look–hat from Nordstrom, top from Splendid, jeans from Level 99, clutch from MadeWell, jewelry from MadeWell

Second look–top from Ella Moss, shorts from Everlane, hat from MadeWell, sunglasses from RayBan, bag from IkaBags

Shop the Dora here

2-The Siena: Comfortable Chic and Feminine Prep

A navy stripe pattern can elevate what would normally be a very casual beach look into something that can be worn to dinner–like with this jersey maxi skirt and tank top. The Siena literally elevates giving you a few extra inches of height but with a fairly level footbed, so you don't feel the any typical high heel pain. 

The preppy styles of the eighties were fun, but could be very masculine so we've traded the polo shirt collar for an open back tee. This particular shoe is the perfect choice for short shorts like these because the height and neutral color creates the illusion of a longer leg. 

First look– look–hat from Nordstrom, bag from Liebeskind, tank and skirt from Splendid, sweater and jewelry from MadeWell

Second look–hat from Nordstrom, top from Trovata, shorts from Everlane, bag from Liebeskind, sunglasses from RayBan, jewelry from MadeWell

Shop the Siena here

3-The Alyssa: Balanced Accessories and Beach Ready

Nothing is more basic than black pants and a tank top, but this is where accessories come in. For this look, we livened things up with a Panama hat with a black band to tie into the black of the pants, a chevron statement necklace to break up the stripes of the tank, a bright yellow clutch to add a pop of color, and blue shoes with white contrast to mimic the top. A laceless sneaker like the Alyssa keeps a look like this casual without being too casual. 

When in Maui, you're never far from the ocean, so it's not a bad idea to be ready for an impromptu beach detour at all times. The stripes in this coverup give it more of a put together vibe so is wearable away from the plage and a sneaker like the Alyssa instead of flip flops also makes the look more street appropriate.

First look– look–hat from Biltmore, tank from Splendid, necklace from MadeWell, pants from Citizens of Humanity, bag from Miss Albright

Second look–hat from Biltmore, coverup from Splendid, sweater from MadeWell, sunglasses from RayBan 

Shop the Alyssa here

4-The Bianka: Stripes of Ruffles and Basic Black and White #2

When going to a Luau, it's fun to dress the part. Here we've styled a dress striped with ruffles to mimic the color and texture of a lei. The black, white, and neutral color blocking of the Bianka contrasts well with the bold color and texture of the dress.

Like with the Dora above, here we've created a black and white look but used the color blocking of the shoes, pop of color from the bag, and the voluminous shape and thin stripe pattern of the shirt to add interest. When going out in Hawaii, heels with shorts rather than a dress is also a bit unexpected and fun. 

First look– look–dress from Expressclutch from MadeWell, lei from Mana

Second look–shirt from Joie, shorts from Everlane, jewelry from MadeWellbag from Miss Albright

Shop the Bianka here



Black may not be the first color you think of when going into Spring, but we've paired these three very different black styles with some season transitional looks to show how this most basic of colors is ideal for the current "in-between" season. To see the shortlist of our favorite black styles, click here

Look 1: Spring separates in heavier fabric

Even though the weather may be getting warmer in parts of the country, especially the west coast, but it's still February and breaking out the white linen seems a bit premature. This simple look shows how you can wear short sleeves and a short skirt, but with heavier fabrics like this suede wrap miniskirt, it still feels appropriate for the time of year. We paired this look with the glossy black Dora flat because the pointed toe and strap position create an elongating effect that is very flattering with a skirt. (skirt from Vince, shirt from ASTR, necklace from MadeWell, sunglasses from RayBan, bag from Italian factory).

Shop the Dora here

Look 2: Go casual

If you can't wait to wear your delicate spring dress shoes, but it's not yet sundress weather, try pairing them with jeans for a dressed up/dressed down look. The ultra-feminine Gemma in black lace is the perfect contrast to a pair of ripped boyfriend jeans. (jeans from Rag & Bone, tshirt from ASTR, jacket from Joie, sunglasses from MadeWell, bag from Anthropologie).

Shop the Gemma here.

Look 3: Dress with boots

If you're not ready to put away your favorite pair of black combat boots, then try them with a spring shirt dress. We loved the way the masculine energy of the Skyler boot was offset when paired with a more feminine top, while still echoing the combat nature of the boots. (dress by Equipment, bag from Italian Factory, sunglasses from RayBan).

Shop the Skyler here.