It's been almost a year since the Gigi was featured in O Magazine's 15th anniversary addition, and the shoe seems to have only gained momentum since then. It has become one of our all-time top sellers and is requested by celebrity stylists more than any other shoe we've ever offered. It also now comes in thirteen color ways and we continue to introduce more. Given its visibility, the Gigi has become an icon for us. 

The original article was titled Real Style Means Breaking a Few Rules and outlined a series of old "fashion truths" that are "outdated, outmoded, and just plan out of style." The first "old school" rule to be broken? "Comfort shoes are ugly." It's the myth we've been breaking since we started over ten years ago. 

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  • Amol A

    Celebrated our anniversary with a pair of Coral Gigi for my wife! What a lovely design, color and look. Wonderful job Anyi. Never saw my wife so happy before !! You now have a fan for life.

  • Dawn Sutti

    I thought the Gigi was an award winner when I first set eyes on this stunning design!! Congrats to Anyi Lu and fab team!!

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