That women have the right to shoes that function as beautifully as they are fashioned. We believe the common practice of bringing two pairs of shoes to an event, one for style and one for comfort, is absurd. It is a perfect example of how we as a culture have accepted that couture-quality shoes need only be nice to look at– not necessarily nice to wear.


Anyi Lu began her career in fashion footwear after her sister’s wedding. Finding the dress was easy, but finding a beautiful shoe the bride could wear all day–nearly impossible. At that moment, the idea for ANYI LU was born.

Her background as a chemical engineer at Chevron and DuPont combined with a passion for ballroom dancing, has been crucial to the success of ANYI LU. She brings her engineer’s problem-solving skills to all her designs, as well as looking to dance shoes as inspiration for movement, fit, flexibility, and stability.

“We look for real quality, for luxury that’s not necessarily something you show, but something you feel.”

Anyi Lu

In order to make her designs a reality, Anyi took her manufacturing to Italy to find individuals with knowledge of old-world Italian shoemaking techniques. Every Anyi Lu shoe is crafted at factories owned by the same families for over 50 years with much of the hand sewing happening in the homes of families who have been making shoes for generations.


In addition to looking to the past for inspiration, Anyi sought the latest in high performance materials, some never before used in women’s footwear. Materials such as PORON®, developed by NASA for shock absorption, line the insoles of every pair of ANYI LU shoes. And ultra lightweight materials such as XL Extralight, Micro and Vibram, typical materials found in specialized sporting footwear, make up the soles of many styles.

“Every shoe is made in Tuscany at small factories owned by the same families for two to three generations.”

Anyi Lu

Anyi Lu’s designs fuse modern day technology with old-world Italian construction to offer shoes that are the pinnacle of fashion and, most importantly, are incredibly comfortable. The result is effortless, everyday luxury – shoes that actually feel as good as they look – ANYI LU Couture Comfort®. Anyi is truly a visionary in women’s footwear.