ANYI LU Returns to Market with the PARIS CHIC Collection - Luxury Footwear & Accessories

The highly anticipated collection promises to blend the European flair for beautiful living with American confidence and a sense of adventure.

ANYI LU, the high-end designer brand known for luxury shoes meant to be worn by the adventurous woman, returns to market after a four-year hiatus. Anyi Lu, the designer, and a recent cancer survivor is pleased to introduce Paris Chic, her latest collection inspired by her travels and the specific requirements of the jet-setting woman who needs to be effortlessly chic, comfortable, and pack smart and light.

Anyi Lu said,” I’m a businesswoman who enjoys traveling for work and pleasure. I’ve created a collection that addresses the need to pack light and carry clothing items that easily translate from daytime to evening wear. I hope you’ll enjoy them too.”

Paris Chic. What’s in a Name?

The inspiration for this collection is La Parisienne. Parisian women are known for what seems to be an effortless and understated beauty. Whether she’s donning a red lip paired with a Breton striped tee, a classic cardigan belted tight, or a pair of ballerina flats with Capri pants, the key to her look is to build a wardrobe around the basics and to coordinate around it. Every new item in her closet complements what’s already in it.  Just like the Parisian woman, the ANYI LU’s clientele has better places to be than by looking at her wardrobe deciding what to wear. Every piece in the line complements the others.


The Paris Chic collection intended for the adventurous woman with a busy travel calendar espouses the concept of versatility and elegance.  Think of a cashmere scarf that doubles as a blanket on the airplane and a head covering in modest countries. A snakeskin statement bag that comes with a wallet that transforms into a clutch purse for the evening. A pair of shoes with the perfect heel to elongate the silhouette that elegantly carries her through the long airport corridors as she runs to catch a flight, rush to make her next work meeting, enliven her sightseeing, and finally to dinner at her favorite bistro. Imagine an Italian-made long knit cardigan that is worn either as a sweater or as a full coat or when on a plane, wrapped around her knee or shoulders like a blanket. That essential elegance and versatility is the essence of the Paris Chic collection. 



“Fashion has two purposes: comfort and love. Beauty begins the moment you decide to Be Yourself, and if it’s not comfortable, it’s not luxury.” – Coco Chanel


Save the Date: March 4

Paris Chic, spring, and summer to early fall line is set to be launched March 4. The designer will enfold a few pieces at the time to coincide with destinations in mind. It is a full collection of shoes with heels of various heights, exclusive cardigans in two colors from Elisa Cavaletti, and two cashmere scarves from the house of Saldarini, all designed exclusively by and for Anyi Lu.

Book My Flight and What to Pack


“I was a free man in Paris. I felt unfettered and alive.” – Joni Mitchell


March and April. The ANYI LU woman heads to Paris. Paris in the springtime is the most romantic destination, but it gets chilly and is often drizzly.  She packs her scarf and cardigan and walks in her Amlie flats or Coco Noir. Perfect pieces when strolling by the Seine, attending a vernissage, or sitting at a Café people watching.

May and June. Next destination, Alicante, Spain, and for this coastal town, she throws in her luggage her pair ANYI LU sandals. Alicante, a beach town with a Mediterranean climate, is about casual chic. Whether she is strolling along the Explanada de España or the Marina of Alicante, the Anyi Lu sandals made in Alicante are the perfect day and evening shoe wear for a destination where sand gets in between her toes.

July and August. She hears the Call of the West and sets her sight toward San Francisco. She knows that the key to San Francisco is dressing in layers, and nothing will suit her better than her snakeskin bag in black or beige, large enough to carry her cashmere shawl and her cardigan. San Francisco, in the summertime, is a strange beast. Known for its microclimates, in less than an hour,  she may go from bundling up at Ocean Beach to sweating while climbing the Potrero Hill. She will need the Parisian Chic bag, large enough to carry her cardigan and scarf.

September and October. Los Angeles is always the place to be when seeking entertainment and beautiful beaches. Los Angeles has perfected casual dressing and body-conscious clothing. Stylish women live in their brand name yoga pants, and when visiting LA, the ANYI LU woman is sure to pack her dancer sneakers in pink or black and her Alicante sandals!


Unlike the earlier years, when the ANYI LU shoes were made available at various retailers, the Paris Chic collection will only be available at  Anyi Lu said about her decision not to have decided to remain an exclusive brand with limited editions and grow slowly.” She adds, “One of the many things that I’ve learned from beating cancer is that life is best enjoyed when you savor the small things. So with this launch, I’m starting small and will let my company grow at a pace that I’m comfortable with instead of being pulled in multiple directions at once.” 

Anyi Lu’s designs have been featured in O magazine, The New York Times, San Francisco Chronicle, the Today show, and many other prestigious outlets. 


Contact Anne Howard to schedule an interview or for photos of the Paris Chic Collection.

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