GoodBye & Thank You

Thank you and Goodbye

They say parting is such sweet sorrow and I have never before understood those words until now. It is with a heavy heart that I must say goodbye to all of my fans and customers for now. I have to take some time to focus on me and my health and because of this I have decided to take a break from designing. 

Please accept our heartfelt thanks for being one of the most devoted and loyal customers. We appreciate the loyalty you have shown towards ANYI LU over the last decade. The management and staff wish to also thank you for your support over the many years ANYI LU has been in business. 

~ Anyi Lu


  • Shannon Bonness

    Are you really back?!?! I have missed your shoes!! Still wearing the 3 pairs I have and love them as much today as the day I bought them!!

    So happy to know more fabulous Anyi Lu shoes are in my future!!

    Big fan!
    Shannon Bonness

  • Michelle

    Thank you for your beautiful designs over the years. My favorite is the Dainty. They are comfortable and lovely at the same time.

    I wish you good health and hope to see your designs again in the future.

  • Kativa

    I will miss you! Blessings and prayers!

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