High heels are no longer just for going out anymore. Women are wearing them with everything from jeans to jogging sweats. With the vast number of pant styles trending right now, it can be hard to know where the hem lines are supposed to fall. We've paired our Signature Collection heels with a few of the most popular pant styles trending right now to help clear up the confusion. 

  1. Palazzo Pants – These wide leg pants are making a big comeback and depending on the style can be worn above the ankle as shown or long so that the fabric comes only an inch above the ground. 
  2. Flares – 70's style flares are everywhere right now and getting the length right is critical with this style of pant. They're too long if it looks like you have no feet or if you pants are dragging on the ground. If you can see more than just a bit of the foot over the vamp, they're too short. A bit of toe in the front and an inch above the ground in the back is a good indicator. 
  3. Cropped – Ankle length pants are almost more common than full length right now, which is perfect for showing off gorgeous heels. The pant should come to a couple inches above the ankle. Right at the ankle is too long. 
  4. Jogging/Track Pants – We take our hats off to whoever made fashionable sweatpants the new trend. Just like with cropped pants, be sure they come just a bit above the ankle. If they aren't gathered at the bottom and are full-length it's alright if they pool slightly at the bottom. 
  5. Skinny jeans – Skinnies are tricky. Too long, and they'll bunch and knock into the bridge of your foot. They will look most polished and chic worn at the ankle or above. If you don't have time or money to get your tight jeans hemmed to the right length, just cuff to the proper length (as shown). 

The rule of thumb for pant length is, short or long, it should look intentional. So have fun, wear your stilettos with your joggers and be confident you're right on trend!

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