All the shoes made at ANYI LU are considered investment pieces meant to last for years and one of the best ways to maximize the lifespan of your shoes is proper storage. See below for Anyi’s expert tips on storing your favorite pairs:

  • Keep them clean and dry – Before storing, it’s best to wipe your shoes down and make sure there’s no dirt or moisture left. If your shoes are damp and are put away then put back in a box­­–this can cause odor, bacteria, mold and mildew to form. If possible, store your shoes in an area of the house where the humidity is low and stable (i.e. not the basement). Fluctuating humidity causes shoe materials to distort from swelling and contracting.
  • Keep their shape – Shoes will compress and lose their shape over time. Providing support in the form of a cedar shoe tree can help maintain its proper shape while the cedar draws out excess moisture and odors. Archival tissue paper is a good cheap alternative, especially for sling backs which can’t use a tree. Boot trees or tissue can keep the shape of your boots.
  • Keep them covered – For longer term storage, it’s best to keep your shoes covered to keep out dust and even light which can degrade materials. Cotton or felt shoe bags are ideal because they let shoes breathe. Plastic bags will dry them out. For easy storage, place the shoes in bags or tissue in boxes made from archival materials. If using plastic boxes, make sure the plastic is acid-free and that they have vents for air flow to prevent mold.
  • Keep them separated – For short term storage, it’s fine to keep your shoes out in the open. Just be sure to keep them upright and separated so they don’t bleed into one another. This is especially true for patent leather. Keeping them on cedar shelves with some kind of shoe tree or tissue is preferable. 

For more shoe care tips, check out the materials care section of our FAQ.

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