Caring for your feet can be a costly feat given the popularity of foot massages, pedicures, and products for exfoliating and odor control. To keep down the cost, Anyi has offered three tips for how to care for your feet at home for less. Try these tips in succession or individually, depending on your needs. When all three are used together we like to call it, “Anyi’s Soak, Stretch and Soothe” program.

  1. Soak and Odor Control – Fill a bathtub or bucket with warm water and add a few Lipton (or any inexpensive brand) tea bags. Allow the tea to brew in the warm water for a few minutes and then simply submerge feet into the solution. Not only does the warm water feel great on tired feet, but also the tea will remove any odor that has formed overtime. (*note–some teas can temporarily discolor the skin. If this is an issue for you, use a lighter tea)
  2. Stretch and Massage – Take a tennis ball and lay it on the ground. Make sure there is something to grip and keep balance with nearby. Try grabbing the counter, heavy chair or piece of furniture. Once in a stabilized and standing position, place foot over the tennis ball. The ball should fit perfectly in the arch. Slowly roll the ball front to back and even side to side placing more or less weight on the ball depending on what’s comfortable. This process is an easy, everyday way to stretch your feet and get a quick foot massage at a great price.
  3. Soothe and Moisturize – Before bed or while winding down with a favorite book or television show lather feet with a creamy and moisturizing lotion. Peppermint oil also works well. Once feet are sufficiently covered in lotion (use as little or much as desired) take a fitted sock and place over foot. This step in the process will secure the lotion and allow it to soak and moisturize the feet, making them softer than imaginable.

It's a good idea to choose footwear made from natural materials (the Sara pictured is leather and cork). These materials tend to breathe better than their synthetic counterparts, reducing foot sweat which can be the cause of odor and blisters.

After a long day in the boardroom or a tough workout our tootsies need some revitalizing. Anyi’s sequence absolutely does the trick.

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