It happens every year–that first really warm spring day finally arrives. You go into your closet to put on a pair of shorts. Then you look down to see your legs that have been happily hiding behind pants for months are dry and pale. But not to fear, all it takes is a little pampering to get shorts-ready for the season. 

We chose the Siena for this ensemble because it is such a forgiving silhouette. The extra height creates a leg-lengthening illusion, but the foot itself is only slightly angled, so it feels like a flat. The entire footbed is cushioned as well making this one of the most comfortable sandals we've ever debuted. Also, the sand color in particular has the effect of making your legs look tanner, don't ask us why. 

Some like to get their legs waxed once the warm weather hits, but if you prefer to shave, be sure to give your legs a thorough moisturizing afterwards as shaving plus weeks in the winter air can make skin very dry. We like this one from Malin + Goetz.

If your legs look more like that of a ghost's than your own, going to a spray-tanning salon or using some self-tanning cream can send Casper on his way. There are a few steps before just slathering it on. The first is to exfoliate your legs thoroughly to get an even application. Next be sure not to let the cream touch your hands so you don't end up with orange palms. We live the James Read tanning mitt because it easily solves this issue. 

For a finishing touch, we like this dry oil to give your legs a little sheen to accentuate curves and muscle definition. 

Of course, don't forget your feet and schedule a pedicure. We like this shade because it's more fun than a plain neutral but isn't too dark for spring, works on most skin tones, and gives a little pop of spring color. 

  1. LANVIN grosgrain-trimmed straw hat
  2. STELLA MCCARTNEY Eva silk crepe de chine blouse
  3. 3.1 PHILLIP LIM Striped cavas shorts
  4. JAMES READ Tanning mitt
  5. LEGOLOGY AIR LITE Sun-lite tinted leg cream
  6. REVERENCE DE BASTIEN Celeste Leg Shimmer Dry Oil
  7. ANYI LU The Siena
  8. RMS BEAUTY Nail Polish - Honest
  9. CHAN LUU Gold plated necklace

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