Sourcing the highest quality Italian leathers for all ANYI LU designs, founder Anyi Lu firmly believes that shoes are investment pieces—and with April showers around the corner, she’s well aware your treasured leather shoes are at risk. See below for Anyi’s expert tips on how to maximize their lifespan in the face of spring’s dreaded elements: 

  • Act fast – Leather is much more prone to damage if it gets wet, so waterproofing shoes immediately after purchase is crucial. Be sure to cover any embellishments or trims that waterproofing products might damage.  If your shoes do get wet either before or after weatherproofing, fill them with tissue or newspaper and let them dry out away from a heat source.
  • Case by case – Leather can withstand rain, but only after undergoing proper treatment. The ideal waterproofing product depends on the type of leather you’re treating. For example, lotions and oils are best for calf and nappa leather and sprays are best for suede and exotic skins. Do not weatherproof patent leathers, shiny leathers, sequins, or pony hair. Research carefully, as the wrong product can damage rather than protect the material.
  • Patent protection – Patent leather is your best bet to conquer dreary conditions in style. This glossy, shiny leather is virtually waterproof.
Do keep in mind, however, that because of the porous nature of this kind of leather, the color can transfer to the shoe and penetrate underneath the patent finish marking leather underneath permanently. Because of this, you should store patent shoes in such a way that they don't directly touch other shoes.
  • Traction factor – With slippery floors rampant in spring, traction pads pack a one-two punch by preventing spills and adding to the longevity of your shoes. ANYI LU uses polished leather for its soles, but most styles also include an injection-molded rubber traction pad fused to the sole.  

If you’re unsure of what kind of material your ANYI LU shoes are, feel free to write us an email. Examples of different materials from our collection include:

Calf leather: Black on ATHENA, stamped snake on DELPHINE

Nappa leather: KELLY in Pewter/Latte or any LILY

Patent leather: EMILY or TULIP

Suede: Black Lux LINDA or Metallic Pitone ERICA

For more shoe care tips, check out the materials care section of our FAQ.

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