Where are you from?

Little town in South of Ukraine.

How do you balance modeling and mothering?

Mothering is the best thing that could have happened to me with my already busy career. I quickly learned how to use time wisely, I become the best version of myself to set a great example for my little daughter. I learned to prioritize and say no. We can't do everything at the same time. It would be too stressful. I believe if we do something it must be a 100%. So if I'm with my daughter I give her all my love & attention, no emails or phone calls.. And when I’m at work I’m 100% committed there as well. That way I'm the happiest and everybody happy around me too:)

What’s your favorite city?

Ah.., I have a few…I love Paris for its charm & beauty, Los Angeles for giving me opportunity to fulfill my dream life and my home town that has sweet childhood memories.

If you weren't a model you'd be:

Haha! A model! I simply love my job:) What not to love?! Meeting creative people, travel…  I do also enjoy health science and naturopathic medicine… I'm a big believer that we have all the power and tools to heal ourselves naturally.

Do you have a style muse?

Brigitte Bardot,  Audrey Hepburn , Kate Moss.., my mom:)

What is your favorite movie?

Love "Forrest Gump" and "Moscow Doesn't Believe in Tears"(Russian movie)

You are so graceful, do you dance?

Thank you:) I did through all my childhood. I express my spirit through dance… You don't have to be a dancer to dance… If your heart is dancing, just put some music and dance! Go on!…and don't forget to put those comfy shoes on;)

What’s your go-to look (what you wear all the time)?

Jeans, cute top or summer dress, easy breezy, oh don't forget blazers too:)

Who is your favorite designer (other than Anyi Lu, of course)?

Of course!! Anyi Lu is amazing, she definitely nailed it with a beautiful style and comfort, her shoes are gorgeous, very well made, and a such pleasure to wear to any occasion. I also like Stella McCartney for simplicity, Louis Vuitton for chic, and Marc Jacobs for fun..:)

Which ANYI LU shoe would best fit your lifestyle (balancing mothering and career, jetting off to shoots on location)?

Its impossible to pick only one style. My top 3 would be:

  1. The Maria in bisque sand, absolutely adore that style.  Can be upscale and casual depends on what you wearing. It goes well with light jeans, shorts, dresses, even with bikini by the pool with a cute hat + martini ;)
  2. Stephania in black mangrovian (snake) with black toe–very sophisticated, sexy, chic–absolutely gorgeous style. Go on the date with husband or go to meet new clients…either way it’s a win-win.
  3. The Athena (black)- must have for a busy, modern woman like me, running around the city all day feeing fabulous and lightweight. Ok I have to add 2 more:)
  4. I love Daisy–beautiful wedge, very elegant and simple. Must have for a busy stylish mom:)
  5. The Vera! In ocean metallic - I would not leave a town with out comfy Vera. Going to south of France or sandy beaches of California, a must have in your luggage… Love!

Tell us a little bit about the ANYI LU Spring photo shoot. You were on your feet for over 8 hours straight in our shoes – jumping, dancing – how did that feel?

Movement is my life! I love shooting for Anyi, it’s always fun and energetic with music and sweet people around. It doesn't feel like a long time at all, we have so much fun, dancing & jumping around:) And the best part is that my feet are not tired at all. I feel it more in my quads from all the flying and jumping, haha!;) Her shoes are VERY comfy, and you can trust me on this one:)

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