Most everyone knows the best shoes are made in Italy. The highest quality shoes proudly announce it on their soles and boxes (including us). But what’s it all about? Can’t a shoe company just set up shop anywhere?

The main reason we chose Italy to make our new Signature Collection (and every other shoe we make) is the people. Making handcrafted leather shoes is truly an art form and one that has been refined and passed down from one generation of Italian families to the next. The techniques are highly specialized and labor intensive making them difficult to duplicate elsewhere.

While most shoes are made by machine in large factories using glues and synthetic materials, the small percentage from Italy are made using only the finest materials and are crafted by hand. First, the leather is carefully selected for each shoe from world-renowned Italian tanneries. It is then hand cut and stretched on a last (called a forma in Italian) for days, and then sewn together, never glued.

The factories we use are small factories in Tuscany that have been owned by the same families for generations. While we say the Signature pumps have been ten years in the making, they’re actually the culmination of over a hundred years of Italian shoemaking.

To really feel the difference “Made in Italy” makes, why not try on a pair?

To try on the Camille, click here.

To try on the Angel, click here.

(The Angel, and soon the Camille will also be available at Nordstrom and select retailers)

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