One of first things people notice when the look at the Signature collection is the textured outsole. While this gives the shoes a more modern, trendier style, the outsole is designed this way with a purpose. Two purposes actually.

The first is traction. When you’re four inches up in the air, the last thing you want is to slip and lose your balance. At best you have an awkward moment, and worst you could really hurt yourself. Because traction for the outsole is so important, we created a ridged texture that grips the floor. The XL Extralight material itself is also non-slip.

The second reason is cushioning. Think of one of those egg-crate mattresses. It’s kind of like that. In addition to over an inch of space-age polymer memory material, each tread in the outsole acts as a little spring that absorbs the shock of each step. Because unlike most designers of stiletto heels, we want to you actually be able to walk in them.

Curious about how this new kind of outsole feels? Click below to try a pair.

To try on the Camille, click here.

To try on the Angel, click here.

(The Angel, and soon the Camille will also be available at Nordstrom and select retailers)


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