Trying to decide which of the Signature shoes to try out? The two shoes are similar in fit, but have some differences in style. They both have the same inch of polymer cushioning, same spring-like outsole, same balanced engineering.

The Angel comes in two colors, gold pitone and soft black nappa leather which is more of a matte black. And the Camille comes in a glossy black patent leather.

The vamp, which is the part of the shoe that covers the toes, comes up a bit higher on the Angel. The Camille has a slightly lower vamp to shoe some toe décolleté and a small Mary Jane strap with button enclosure. The strap has a hidden elastic for a more customized fit.

So which to get? Why not get both?

To try on the Camille, click here.

To try on the Angel, click here.

(The Angel, and soon the Camille will also be available at Nordstrom and select retailers)



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