We’ve shot photos, created videos, and written long descriptions about all that has gone into the Signature Collection, but no photo can compare to actually trying them on.

When you first pull them out of the box, they look like basic high-end pumps (basic in a good-way as in will go with everything kind of way. But when you first slip them on and stand up, it is a completely unique experience. You expect to feel that familiar crunch of the toes, ache in the arch, and wobble in the heel that comes with heels of this height, but it’s just not there. Instead, it feels a bit like you’re floating above the ground a bit. The toe box should feel snug, but not tight. You should be able to move your toes independently and feel your arch lifted and supported.

Just move your weight onto the ball of your foot and you’ll sink in a bit into multiple layers of polymer memory cushioning. The molecular structure of these polymers allows the footbed to support then bounce back with every step. The outsole is made from XL Extralight, another high tech material that provides further buoyancy and has a spring-like tread as well.

When you walk about the room, put your attention to your balance. Most high heels have the heel positioned too far back, so they don’t actually hold your weight. The heels for our Signature shoes are positioned right at the center of gravity, so you’ll feel secure even four inches off the ground. We believe no matter how beautiful the shoe, if a woman looks like she’s walking on eggshells, that’s not a good thing. The heel should feel like it is lightly gripping without your foot slipping up and down.

Just order your size or a couple sizes to try them on. We have free shipping and free returns, so there’s no commitment. Also, join our mailing list for announcements of pop-up shops to shop the whole collection in person. If you have any questions about the fit of your Signature shoes, please call Linda, our customer service representative and she can talk you through it.

To try on the Camille, click here.

To try on the Angel, click here.

(The Angel, and soon the Camille will also be available at Nordstrom and select retailers)


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