Winter Shoe Storage – We all do it, the season changes and suddenly our prized boots are shoved to the back of our closet and out come the strappy sandals. This year, let’s properly store those winter boots that we’re so proud to flaunt during the colder months. These tips can be used throughout the season too, for keeping your shoes “like new” all year long.

Step 1. Clean – Rain, snow, ice and mud can leave salt and other deposits on your shoes that will damage them over time. Before sending your pairs into hibernation, be sure they get a good cleaning. After brushing off any and all dirt following the next steps depending on the shoe’s material:

  • Suede – Use a suede bar (example here) and give shoes a swift brushing to remove dirty and scuffs (Warning: Do Not Use Water)
  • Leather – Use damp cloth or brush to eliminate spots and dirt, following apply shoe polish to remove scuffs and let dry (approximately five minutes)
  • Patent – Use damp cloth and mild soap to clean away dirty and scuffs

Once shoes are clean, finish by spraying shoes with waterproofing sealant so that they’re ready to go next winter.

Step 2. Stuff/Shape – Insert tissue paper or a shoe-tree inside shoe so that they keep shape while in storage.

Step 3. Storage – Place shoes in original dust bag and (if available) store in a clean dry box. If you don’t have a dust bag or box, be sure to place the shoes in a clean, dry and dark space so not to harm the color, texture or spotlessness of the shoe.



    Hi Thalia,
    Yes, we do recommend using spray suede protector on our suede shoes.

  • Thalia

    do you recommend using/spray suede protector on the shoes? thank you

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