Ms. Patterson is wearing the Cherie in Black/Tortoise Patent.   

We're very excited to feature Ivy Patterson for this week's In Her Shoes post, our blog series where we will be profiling the stories of real women who wear ANYI LU. Ivy is a dancer so she must take extra special care of her feet and ankles in order to perform at such a high level. 

You're a student and a dancer. Where do you study and what kind of dance do you do?

I attend Dominican University of California and study dance through Alonzo King’s LINES Ballet’s partnership with the University. I will receive my BFA in dance through this joint program next May. LINES is a contemporary ballet company, but as a student I train in a wide range of modern and ballet techniques. 

As a dancer, you must take care of your feet. What measures do you take to make sure you don’t hurt your feet and ankles?

The most important thing a dancer can do to care for her feet and ankles is strengthen them. The stronger the intrinsic foot and ankle muscles and larger supporting muscle groups are, the less impact-related stress is caused. To relax and release them after a long day of rehearsals, I treat my feet to an Epson salt bath and a tennis ball massage. Of course, taking preventative measures to avoid blisters and wearing shoes outside of the dance studio that are comfortable and supportive are a must. 

How does being a dancer affect your shoe choices?

Dancers tend to have high arches, which are not well supported by most flats and high heels. Since it’s important to not have your shoe choice outside of the dance studio negatively affect your dancing, shoe choices are often limited. Many times, I have to choose function over fashion knowing that blisters or excessive stress to my arches, ankles, and knees aren’t worth looking cute for a night. With the exception of my ANYI LUs my shoe collection is mostly comprised of sneakers and slippers. 

How did you discover ANYI LU shoes?

On my 16th birthday, my mom and sister took me shopping. I planned to buy a camera, and left with my ANYI LUs. I spotted them in a boutique window in Thornes Marketplace in Northampton, MA and they were too beautiful not to try on. As a six-foot tall 11th grade girl, I wasn’t the type of teenager to want to wear heels, but when I put on my ANYI LUs they felt like they belonged on my feet. I could walk comfortably, look beautiful, and most importantly, feel good about myself.

Have you tried dancing in them?

While I haven’t tour-jettéd in my ANYI LUs, they have gone with me to prom, gala performances, weddings, gallery openings, and parties. Whether I wear them for one hour or for six, they never hold me back.

You’ve mentioned you call your first pair of ANYI LU shoes your “magical” shoes. We’d love to hear more about that!

My ANYI LUs are my “magical” shoes because great things happen when I wear them. They give me the comfort to move as confidently as I do in performance. They are timeless but current, and I feel special every time I slip them on. They aren’t just shoes, they’re my ANYI LUs. 

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