IN HER SHOES: Elena Marrero Wagner

Ms. Wagner is wearing the Tulip in Black Patent.  


For the second post in our blog series In Her Shoes where we will be profiling the stories of real women who wear ANYI LU, we talked with Elena Marrero Wagner. Ms. Wagner works at Nordstrom and is the perfect example of a woman whose work requires her to be stylish while also standing on her feet all day. 

You work at Nordstrom, what do you do there?

I am a Beauty Advisor and manage the Lancôme cosmetic counter (which happens to be directly across from our Salon Shoe Department!!)

How does your job make finding shoes that work for you a challenge?

I have to stand on my feet for 8 hours every day on a tile floor and am often walking back and forth through the store for stock or to assist customers. In my former career as a massage therapist, I could wear whatever ugly shoes were the most comfortable, but working at a fashion specialty store, there is an expectation to dress with fashion in mind. I thought flats would be the solution, but they killed my back. I found it nearly impossible to find a fashionable shoe that I could wear for 8 hours without pain. Most of my coworkers wear gorgeous high heels for the first three hours of their shift and then change in to some sad flat shoe with no support for the remainder of their days. That 2-shoe day didn't work for me...and flats just crunched up my toes and sent pain to my back!

You have quite a collection! How did you discover the brand?

One morning a rep from ANYI LU came to our store and told me that her shoes would feel like sneakers­–even after eight hours of standing on my feet. While the price tag was higher than I typically spend for shoes, I took her challenge because I would have done anything to save my lower back and feet from the daily pain I was feeling! Plus I thought the shoes were super cute– especially with a little heel­–which I desperately need since I am only 5 feet tall!!

What was your first pair?

It was the Tulip. The investment I made in that shoe was THE BEST money I have ever spent! After having so much success with my first pair of Tulips, I quickly decided I needed them in every color because I realized I would probably never wear any other shoe to work!! I decided to try other styles from ANYI LU and had the same comfort experience with them. While I love the trendy style of the Athena, I really love the classic look of the Tulip. The patent leather and strappy open toe style make it so versatile that I can wear it with skirts, dresses or pants and in Florida–it's a shoe I can almost wear year round!! I tried another luxury shoe that was supposed to be very comfortable, but I was immediately disappointed with both the pain in my back and the quality of the shoe. I really don't wear any other shoes to work now unless they say ANYI LU!!!

What would you like people to take away from your experience?

I am so passionate about women having comfortable and fashionable shoes! I get SO many compliments on how cute my ANYI LUs are, and when I start raving about how comfortable they are, most women want me to show them the shoes! I realize they cost more than other shoe brands, but I guarantee, like the rep did from ANYI LU, that the money spent on one pair of versatile ANYI LUs is WELL worth the price when you consider how great you can actually feel at the end of a long day on your feet–with no blisters or back pain!! Every woman that has bought a pair with my recommendation has absolutely loved them, and that makes me love and believe in them even more!!! I never thought ANY shoe could be so cute AND so comfortable...until I had ANYI LU shoes!!!! She is truly my hero!!!! 


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