Welcome to the debut of the Spring/Summer 2014 season and our brand new e-commerce website! We’ve been very busy these last few months putting it all together, and we couldn’t be more excited to unveil both the collection and the new site to you all.

Our Spring/Summer 2014 collection is inspired by 1960s French chic. The women of that era had such an interesting blend of demure femininity combined with the kind of quiet confidence that comes from living a full life. We created this collection to have that same kind of effortless chic these women represented so well. Once again, we’ve used the same luxurious leathers and innovative components to keep the shoes as comfortable as always.

We’re thrilled to show off this new collection with our new site which features a much improved online shopping experience. Now optimized for each major platform, the new site will work without a hitch on almost all computers, tablets, and mobile phones. We’ve improved navigation making it more user-friendly and intuitive to browse different styles and colors. The product photography is much bigger with more angles and views. Plus, we’ve added a shoppable lookbook for the new season.

We hope you enjoy the new collection and our new website as much as we’ve enjoyed designing them for you!

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