ANYI LU Reusable Cotton Tote

ANYI LU Reusable Cotton Tote

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100% Cotton Sheeting
6 Oz. Soft Cotton
15” W x 16” H
21” Handles

“Every pair of shoes and sandals is handmade in family-owned studios with great care and craftsmanship. By partnering with these artisans, I'm able to offer my customers inside access to the hidden world of heritage European craftsmanship."

Anyi Lu, Founder

We invite you to dream on!

Venice, Florence, Alicante, Bologna, Lake Como, and Bali, all destinations that make you long for the luxury, long-standing tradition of craftsmanship and travel.  ANYI LU shoes are famously known for sacchetto construction. Sacchetto construction is a handmade shoemaking technique comprised of a soft, flexible lining, to which the shock-absorbing insole is then stitched without the use of rigid glue, delivering a glove-like fit that defines comfort in luxury footwear.

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